Aesthetics of Poverty

In June 2016, the Poverty Research Network hosted an exciting one-day workshop at the University of Warwick, which brought together scholars interested in the aesthetic dimensions of poverty and how it has been represented historically. Further initiatives, events and publications are being planned which will extend this strand of research further, so do please check back for updates.

Information and details of the workshop are summarised below.

Aesthetics of Poverty Workshop
Thursday 30 June 2016, University of Warwick (UK)

12:00-13:00: Lunch and Film installation by Santiago Oyazabal and Michael Pigott

13:00-14:00: Keynote lecture by Jonathan Vickery

14:00-17:15: Panel presentations and discussion
•Adrianna Catena, ‘The Colour of Saint Francis: Reflections on the Visual Culture of Poverty in Colonial New Spain’
•Andrew Jones, ‘The ‘Pornography of Poverty’ Revisited: The Aesthetics of Non-State Humanitarianism’
•Anne Gerritsen, ‘Making Chinese Things: Labour, crafts, and the cross-cultural aesthetic appeal of poverty’
•Michael Orton, ‘Moving beyond othering: representations of poor citizens and a solutions based approach’
•Kathleen Vongsathorn, ‘Representations of Poverty and Leprosy in Uganda, 1927-2016’
•Kathryn Woods, ‘The Perceived ‘Ugliness’ of the Poor in Eighteenth-Century London’
•Julia McClure, ‘Poverty and the Social Ordering of Space’

17.30-19.00: Wine Reception and Film showing with presentation by director, Emiel Marten (University of Amsterdam), Welcome to the Smiling Coast: Living in the Gambian Ghetto.

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